Are you using 100 % of your online storage? Most probably not. But wasting data is harmful for the economy and the environment!

The solution is easy: Share your storage. Make the unused space available to those who need it. With our patent-pending algorithm, the space you don’t need is allotted to an intelligent online service which distributes it as needed, for example for research, education, or backup purposes.

Data Waste!

Asymmetric File Distribution:

An Initiative from Xirtual Labs

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Asymmetric File Distribution (AFD) just entered its limited preview phase. 

At the beginning, only the most popular storage services are supported, more to come soon.

To sign up, simply fill in this form and provide the login data to your online storage:

A timeline of our history

Our story

Xirtual Labs was founded in the year 2000 with the goal to provide environmentally friendly and useful computing services to everyone!

We believe in putting our resources in technology and education, not in expensive branding.

Our vision

Making AFD available to everyone who needs it, regardless of age, gender, skin tone, or operating system

What we want

to achieve



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We’re located in Zurich, Switzerland, where data protection regulations are terribly strict.


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